CG71 Arco

As much, through his creations, the designer Christophe Gevers wanted to magnify the present moment by transcending the past and the future, he also succeeded in unifying the male and female archetypes in an original, unique creation, reserved for exclusive customers. The “CG71 Arco” born in 1971. A slender metal arc takes its source in a rectangular concrete base, and unfolds in a minimalist momentum that supports two adjustable light sources. When the best of the “industrial” spirit meets creative genius.

Technical data



Base : 40 x 25 x 40mm

Total height : 200mm

Net weight 50kg

Source Bulb : Led 2x E27 PAR 30


Christophe Gevers’ CG71 Arco lamp, designed in 1971, is a truly iconic piece that combines art and functional design. In the image, this lamp with its graceful arc makes a bold statement in a contemporary living space. Its timeless design is consistent with the minimalist, elegant aesthetic that remains popular in interior design.
The elegance of its curved shape creates a visually striking focal point without cluttering up visual space, which is particularly appreciated in modern interior designs where space and light are key elements. What’s more, the choice of a strong base and a slender structure for the arch creates an intriguing contrast and speaks of the balance between stability and delicacy.
Its elegant allure, combined with the functionality of directional lighting, makes it as practical as it is aesthetically beautiful. This type of design could certainly find its way into contemporary homes as well as commercial spaces or designer offices, testifying to the timelessness of Christophe Gevers’ work and its appeal that transcends generations.


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