ALA Medium

“ I designed Ala at the end of the 60s, it was produced for the first time between 69 and 70. It took its name from a gesture that everyone can do by crossing their hands to imitate the movement of birds wings or when,  as in the Chinese Puppet game, we project on the wall the shadow of a bird in flight. A cylinder that contains the light source, two disks folded and joined together. All the magic is there. There are no hinges or bearings, everything happens through the geometric game of balanced elements. Ala has an infinite number of positions and consequent shapes… We can direct the light where we want”. Carlo Nason



Technical data


Table or Floor

Diameter base : 140mm

Diameter crown : 400mm

Height : 400mm / Height max : 540mm

Net weight 5,8kg

Source Bulb : Led 1x E27


Available colors

Black – White

White – White

Gold – Gold


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